Koby D. Boyett is an accomplished attorney with extensive litigation experience.  He gets RESULTS--both in and out of the courtroom.

Law Office of Koby D. Boyett

The Law Office of Koby D. Boyett offers full service representation for its clients in litigation and complex legal matters on a local and regional basis.  Koby has litigated individual and class action lawsuits, and he regularly advises clients throughout the state on proactive solutions to legal dilemmas. Koby is dedicated to creating a close relationship with his clients in an effort to work towards a common, cost-effective goal.

The Law Office of Koby D. Boyett is dedicated to providing its clients with exemplary legal services in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.  We are sensitive to the economic realities of today's business environment.  The firm's relatively small size and composition permit it to tailor its services to each client's individual needs.  The firm works with its clients to devise flexible strategies for delivering high quality, cost-effective legal services.

Koby D. Boyett strives to exemplify the highest standard of courtesy and professionalism and has, over the years, developed a solid reputation in our community.  That reputation is grounded upon a sense of honesty, integrity, fair play, and hard work that infuses every case in which he is involved.

Law Office of Koby D. Boyett 

2230 S. MacArthur Dr.
Second Floor
Alexandria, Louisiana 71301

Phone:  (318) 442-9462
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